The Racine Count is ON!

VerifytheVoteWithWebsiteColorBackground.jpgThe Racine County Citizens' Audit is ON! Sign up to help count votes, using this website.

Volunteers will be counting votes at the Racine County Courthouse, 720 Wisconsin Avenue, Racine on Tuesday November 14 and Wednesday, November 15. An additional shift will be added on Thursday morning if necessary.

Vote-counters will work in three-hour shifts, starting at 9 AM and 1 PM each day. Volunteers can work for more than one shift if they want.

The task will be easy, fun, and rewarding. A county employee will display each ballot using a document projector, so that many people can see the same ballot at the same time. You’ll sit at the county board conference table and use a hand-held mechanical clicker to count votes for only one candidate. You'll be given frequent opportunities to compare your totals with another counter doing the same thing.

ProjectorSetUp.jpgWe're paying for this, so volunteers will be treated with respect--unlike at last year's recount.

If you cannot stay for three hours to help count the votes, drop in anytime to observe. You will see how your county clerk could perform an efficient, transparent hand count at any time he or she wants--such as before declaring election results final.

Having observers come and go all day will also demonstrate citizen demand for better election verification practices. So please stop in! Or sign up to help count votes, using this website.


This citizens' effort is necessary, because Wisconsin elections need, but do not have, routine manual verification of all election results. In both the election and the recount last year, the Racine County Board of Canvassers certified computer-tabulated vote totals that were obviously incorrect. In one precinct, the machine said that 1 in every 12 ballots contained no vote for president! In doing that, they disenfranchised every voters whose ballot had been wrongly read by the machines--we estimate more than a thousand.

Blind trust in voting machines--new or old--cannot continue. In this day and age, it is crazy to trust any computer's output without checking--and vote-counting computers are the most attractive targets of any.

Wisconsin county clerks must, sooner or later, join the national trend to routine election verification.

Please visit this website to sign up! And tell a friend—observers will be welcomed.


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